08 Pulse, Sinova, Ana Be – Drifting

incl. remixes by JONOS, 08 Orbit and Tom Tainted

Tom Tainted, Bee Singfield – Strong

Bee Singfield and Tom Tainted come together to ignite the airwaves with their latest collaborative effort, „Strong.“ Seamlessly blending Bee Singfield’s captivating vocals with Tom Tainted’s dynamic production, this progressive house anthem is a celebration of resilience, strength, and love.

Zero8 – Skydiving

Zero8 unveils his latest single „Skydiving“ delivering an invigorating blend of progressive house beats and captivating melodies. „Skydiving“ captures the essence of exhilaration and freedom, mirroring the adrenaline rush of taking a leap into the unknown. With pulsating rhythms and dynamic builds, Zero8 crafts a sonic journey that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

Moostay – Caelestis

Moostay is all about deep bass lines, atmospheric textures and memorable melodies. Caelestis is inspired by the sky and the wind rushing over mountain tops creating a warm and deep progressive vibe.


Tom Tainted, DJ Paize – Mental

Tainted & Paize are back with a deep melodic house track. Hypnotic vibes to get lost in the rhythm.

Yary – Here For You / Silverlined

Yari is all about good vibes through melodies, emotional and driving. This EP was born with the need to find a little peace and create a soundtrack for the more quiet days.

Fraser Canobie – You and Only You

You and Only You is an emotional, yet powerful melodic track which was inspired by love. Hopefully this track reminds listeners of the people they care about most how they make them feel.

Zero8 – I Miss You

Zero8 makes his debut on Red Trail Music with a beautiful track, inspired by the beauty and kind people of Vietnam. During his travels the beautiful surroundings and also the emotions of being away from home made the melody and basic idea of the track come alive.

release date: 12.01.2024

(beatport: 29.12.2023)

Julia Eliza – Sun Seekers

Julia Eliza returns to the label with this feel good, summer vibe, dreamy prograssive house track.

release date: 12.01.2024

(beatport 29.12.2023)

08 Orbit – Borderline/Calibration Nation

08 Orbit returns to the label with two bangers that will heat up the dancefloor for sure. Outstanding remixes by Jonos, MeowWow and Tom Tainted make it hard to pick a favorite.

Julia Eliza – Follow Me Remixes

Julia Eliza bringing an extended version of her beautiful track „Follow Me“ together with remixes by Tom Tainted and Stefan Hollaender.

release date: 03.11.2023

08 Pulse – Silver Surfer

08 Pulse was playing around with AI art creating an image of the ocean and started writing the track based on that visual, trying to capture the feeling of both freedom, excitement & connection with the ocean. The result is a beautiful track with that neverending summer at the beach vibe. 

release date: 06.10.2023

Never Really There – Mist

Loosely inspired by one of Tracy Ellen’s compositions,
Mist speaks to finding a unique and special connection with someone at a point in life where one feels alone in the world.

release date: 09.06.2023

pre-order: 02.06.2023

Tom Tainted – Feel It

A melodic journey into a fairytale night… Feel It!

release date: 26.05.2023

pre-order: 19.05.2023

08 Orbit – Aurora

A true banger from 08 Orbit aka Swedish composer & producer Niclas Lundqvist. A driving bassline and beautiful synths that guarantee a happy crowd.

release date: 12.05.2023

pre-order: 05.05.2023

Energy MC – The Bounce

Feel good oldskool vibes from ENERGY MC. Get up on your feet and dance… enough said.

release date: 28.04.2023

pre-order: 21.04.2023

Julia Eliza – Follow Me

A unique track that has uplifting, inspiring and upbeat vibes,
the perfect sountrack for your weekend.

release date: 14.04.2023

pre-order: 07.04.2023

KlingKlong by Tom Tainted will transport you to a dreamy spring paradise.
Lose yourself in the beautiful arpeggios, captivating beats and get ready for feel-good music that takes you on a journey.

release date: 17.03.2023

pre-order: 10.03.2023